fredag 2 oktober 2015

Fast update of some ladies

Two days, for two days I've tried to give you and update on what I've actually since painted recently (actually it looks I havent updated with something I painted this year yet), but the lighting conditions in sweden at this moment won't allow it the weather and shortness of the day means there is very little daylight to go around. While I could probably take the shots in lamplight I feel it distorts the colours.

Well here's the shots I tried taking

Helleria Drakkenfield from the TGG kickstarter, quite an improvement in work from my Angelics Drachen last year wouldn't you say (Ok most of the credit goes to armypainters quickshade, wonderful stuff)?  Knowing I'm bad at eyes and hoping that the wash would make shades that made them superfolous I ignored painting them and it almost worked but not quite, especially not when seeing the model this close.

Another one of the same model in brighter daylight still very one sided, I may have to start taking the shots outside proper if I'm to get goood light.

And another taken the first day

Second day from behind 

First day from behind.

And here's Natasha KST com operator, I tried another approach t the eyes here and painted some extra shade into them first hoping that it'd look like they were hidden in shade, isntead it looks like she's taken a page out if a teenagers makeup guide.

 And again

 And again

And again

Now some other stuff I've had a really hard time getting the basecoat to stick to some of these minis Also I have a few with airbubbles, I'll contact Raging heroes with my issues and I'll let you know how it goes.
These models as can be seen from the brass black and red are intended for my Bauhaus army for WZR. Honestly the quality of painting makes me want to go back and redo Angelica Drachen.

til next time, then we'll hopefully be looking at Grubbers from Myth.

torsdag 1 oktober 2015

Girls Girls Girls part deux, or the image dump

Lo folks this is a thing I haven't done in a long long time.
I painted a fair deal sicne last your heard from me, Grubebrs for Myth, Some of the characters from the raging heroes ktoughest girls in the galaxy kickstarter. But first I realised I havent shared the bulk of the shots I took of the models from that kickstarted as the arrived. I have shown the freebies but not the stuff I paid for (and actually wanted). I took this pictures months ago but haven't gotten around to post them yet, problem is I have no idea whatsoever of what's what any more so I'll be a terrible person and just dump all the pictures I've taken here and hopefully I'll come back some day and fix it.
So with no further ado lots and lots of pictures with no further explanation:

Ah these picture smake me miss the summer, it was so nice to go out and take pictures in daylight. There's really no better lamp than a 400 trillion trillion watt one (and that may just be the wattage that hits earth).

Until next time.